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 What's happening now

The Conversation: A Sunday morning gathering each week at 9:15 - 10:30 a.m. in the Watershed. Our version of a "Sunday school class" where we discover and discuss God's Word together. Come join us!

Ski Trip 2.1: When: February 24-26, 2017. Where: Canaan Valley & Snowshoe (both are in West Virginia) Cost: $25 and students are on their own for two travel meals and two meals on the slopes, rentals, and lift tickets (roughly $200). There are only 12 spots so click here to register quickly and reserve yours. We will be leaving Friday in the afternoon and returning late on Sunday. We will ski Saturday at Canaan Valley and Sunday at Snowshoe.

Studying Abroad in Dubai: We want to give you a heads up on an opportunity to study abroad in Dubai.

One of CSPC's long time missionaries named Mack Stiles is working in the Middle East and particularly in Dubai with mostly Muslim university students. It's really a fantastic program. He is bringing Christian college students over to study and develop relationships with Muslim students and talk to them about Christ.

For some of you this may sound really exciting initially. For many of you I know this might sound pretty intimidating initially. Muslim students, by and large, are very open to talking about Jesus. Mack has it set up as a partnership with UT. It's an official UT study abroad program. You receive college credit. It's a caring community of people – both Westerners and Europeans.

If this sparks any interest in you or you would at least like to find out more information we are hoping to schedule a gathering for that purpose and invite Mack to come and give us more of the vision and details.

If you have any interest would you please reply to stevemoldrup@cspc.net. We will gather the names and work on scheduling a time to meet.

Two Year Internship Program

Here at Cedar Springs we offer a two year internship opportunity that gives those considering full-time vocational ministry a structured enviroment to experience ministry first-hand, discern their own calling and giftedness and to be trained and equipped for current and future kingdom service.

We are currently accepting applications for the August 2017-July 2019 Internship. The deadline to apply is March 10, 2017. If you or someone you know have any questions, contact Cary Lewis or call (865) 291-5270.

2-year Internship Application