Community Groups

Community Groups

What is a Community Group at Cedar Springs?
Basic Christian communities of 10-20 people that meet in homes 2-3 weeks per month (except summer and winter breaks) led by lay leaders who receive on-going training, equipping, and support in monthly leader meetings

What is the purpose of a Community Group?
The primary purpose is to experience the presence and power of Jesus Christ in our midst. Community groups are venues where non-believers come to faith in Christ, new people are integrated into our church community, leaders shepherd the congregation, people give and receive care, people grow to maturity in Christ, church leaders’ spiritual gifts are developed, and groups serve their community. Coming to Christ weaves us into a unique new community that is essential for healthy growth of both the individual and the church. This new community is both the end of the gospel and the means of spreading the gospel.

What are the essentials of a Community Group meeting?
Time of Worship – Praising God in song or prayer for who he is and what he has done
Gospel Conversations – Reading, studying, and applying God’s Word to everyday life
Friendship – Establishing, growing, and enjoying committed gospel-centered friendship
Prayer – Listening to and sharing intimately with God, as well as interceding for others
Missional Living – Sharing the gospel and our lives with our neighbors winsomely.

The biblical vision of community behind CSPC Community Groups.
We are to be:

  1. accepting people at various points in their spiritual journey, reflecting the grace we’ve been given from Christ.
  2. a holy community that urges one another to live God-pleasing lives.
  3. an authentic community that is free to repent and allow others to repent because in the gospel we stand on Christ’s righteousness instead of our own.
  4. an encouraging community that builds one another up with God’s Word and Christ’s love.
  5. a dependent community that understands we are powerless to change anyone, including ourselves, and that we are totally dependent on God for real transformation.
  6. a sacrificially generous community that spends its time, wealth, and love on the needs of others.
  7. a humbly courageous community that engages in conflict for the purposes of gospel unity and forgives others even when it harms us.
  8. an outward facing community that seeks to bring the lost to Christ and restoration to the city of Knoxville.

For a current list of community groups and contact information please click here.