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High School Leaders

Our High School Volunteer Leaders

9th Grade 

Jenn Haun
Elizabeth Ridge
Julie Belcastro
Jon DeWalt
Haden Wesley
Matt Stock
John Neece

10th Grade 

Josh Shelley
Ndigi Gichingiri
Jeremy Johnson
Lizzy Martin
Briana Brimer
Bisha Harrington
Sarah Stevens


 11th Grade 

Joel Brimer
Joe Penny
John Standifer
Denton Lesslie
Art Baddorf
Shelby Sexton
Molly Schaefer
Elizabeth Gore

 12th Grade 

Jason Elliott
Mike Green
Andrew Fraser
Maddie Luepke
Becca Campbell

 Wanna get involved?

We are always looking for adults who want to invest in the lives of high school students at Cedar Springs. If you are interested in being a volunteer leader, please contact Mark Steimer. We would love to sit down with you, hear about your heart for high school students, and how you may fit into our ministry. Our desire is for students at Cedar Springs to have regular contact with an adult, living life alongside them. Come join the party!