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Men's Discipleship

The purpose of the Men’s Discipleship Ministry is to help men of the church develop a closer and more consistent walk with Jesus Christ, and to improve our witness for Him in the church and the community.

We will renew our commitment to growing together in the Lord’s grace and learning about our Personal Mission Fields and how to serve Him in them. The purpose of our ministry is to help men grow in spiritual vision, in the use of spiritual disciplines, and in spiritual living unto the Lord as His servants and witnesses. Our goal is to be disciples and make disciples as Jesus urged us as He prepared to ascend to the Father where He now rules over His Kingdom.

This ministry involves participation in small groups to learn together what it means to be and make disciples. We will discover more fully who Jesus Christ is, always has been, what He has done for us, what he is doing now and what He has promised for the future.

We will also see how God’s great and precious promises are real in our lives and our Personal Mission Fields and how His Spirit empowers us to carry out His plan for our lives. We will, together, discover how we are to carry the mission of His grace to individuals He has placed in our Personal Mission Fields.

We will end our specific group studies with two units focusing on how we can more fully love God’s law and how loving His law brings us into a deeper love of Him.

When men have completed the specific group studies outlined above they are encouraged to remain in small groups for encouragement and accountability go into new studies that were instituting. These studies will continue in the same model of emphasizing spiritual disciplines and our service in our individual Personal Mission Fields and prepare us to be strong in our Christian world view.

The ministry offers the initial Unit 1 group studies formally each spring and fall. As men complete each unit in order they move on to the next.

For more information contact George Dilworth, (865) 250-5583, gdilw@tds.net.