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Middle School Leaders

Our Middle School Volunteer Leaders 

6th Grade Leaders

Addie Foster
Maddie Hull
Sarah McClain
Mary Mansfield
Ryan Riggins
Jeff Haun

7th Grade Leaders

Shenelle Hendricks
Lisa Tarantino
Lisa Harmon
Natalie Campbell
Sydney Kraslawsky
John Standifer
Brandon Sullivan
Russell Bivens
Alex Bowman
Will Lesslie
Weston Standifer

8th Grade Leaders

Lori Lesslie
Kristin Cazana
Amy Van der Merwe
Rose Ventress
David Bowman
Brent Wilson
David Carrol
Michael Tarantino
Bill Jacoby

Wanna get involved? 

We are always looking for adults who want to invest in the lives of middle school students at Cedar Springs. If you are interested in being a volunteer leader, please contact Mark Steimer or Lori Lesslie. We would love to sit down with you, hear about your heart for middle school students, and how you may fit into our ministry. Our desire is for students at Cedar Springs to have regular contact with an adult, living life alongside of them. Come join the party!