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Neighborhood Groups

Since God has determined when and where we each live… we want to join Him in His good purposes in our neighborhoods. We want to use those natural relationships through proximity to carry His image into this world. We invite you to explore our Neighborhood Ministry.

At CSPC, we desire that every member and regular attendee would know that they are cared about and have folks close by they could call upon in time of need. To that end, we have approximately a hundred and forty neighborhood contacts, living in different neighborhoods, that are gifted, trained, and have resources; they would love to serve you.

Neighborhood small groups or sometimes called neighborhood fellowships exist in many of our neighborhoods. These small communities (usually 10 to 20 people) are fertile environments for loving, growing, and serving. Some meet monthly, others bi-weekly or weekly. They care for each other well and spur one another on; many also find ways to serve and reach out together. To find out about existing groups, email dougmesser@cspc.net