Pastoral Search

Cedar Springs has been richly blessed to have had John Wood as its Senior Pastor for the past 27 years. During the course of his leadership, the church has experienced significant physical and spiritual growth. However, after decades of faithful service to Cedar Springs and the city of Knoxville, John will be retiring in April 2018. In anticipation of his retirement, the church has begun the process of searching for its next Senior Pastor.


A Pastoral Search Team was elected by the congregation in January and was tasked with seeking the Lord to find John’s successor as next Senior Pastor of Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church. The team is comprised of members of different generations, as well as the various ministries at Cedar Springs.

Biographies of the Search Team members are available here.

You can contact the Pastoral Search team at


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Praying the Psalms

Please join the team as they pray these Psalms of Ascent:

Sunday - Psalm 121 - Our help comes from you, O God

Monday - Psalm 123 - We look to you, O God

Tuesday - Psalm 125 - We trust in you, O God

Wednesday - Psalm 127 - You build this house, O God

Thursday - Psalm 130 - We wait for you, O God

Friday - Psalm 131 - Our hope is in you, O God

Saturday - Psalm 133 - We are one in you, O God



Before a Search Team was elected, a preliminary Transition Team was selected. The team consisted of 23 members who faithfully represented the population of the church. This team spent the summer and early fall of 2016 informally surveying the members of Cedar Springs. They collected input on the interviewee's thoughts on the church’s current state, and where it should go in the future. After compiling this feedback, the team worked to compile the information into a meaningful and actionable report for the use of the future Pastoral Search Team.

A copy of the Transition Team report is available here.