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Small Groups

"We are not saved individuals. It's not just Jesus and me...We don't have a personal relationship with Jesus. We have an interpersonal relationship with Jesus...And we can only be healthy and function and know of God's grace in its fullness and richness as we are plugged in deeply to other believers...God is supposed to have a body here in the world, and it's you and me together being the church; being the body of Christ... And the world should be able to look at how we love each other and how we lay down our lives for them and know who God is..." - John Wood

Small groups are the primary place where you can be known and cared for at Cedar Springs. It is within these small communities that we develop deeper personal relationships that spur us on to learning to live out the gospel. In these small communities our sorrows can be divided and joys multiplied, because we share them. You can experience the beauty of realizing you are not alone on your journey; that others stumble, cry, laugh, celebrate and, ultimately, in an ongoing manner, realize the gift of knowing Jesus in community. They are often the most fertile ground for the gospel changing us, transforming us, and drawing us more deeply into relationship with Jesus and others. 

Small groups help make a large church smaller, and are the primary places for pastoral care because they include the people who know you best and are known best by you. Our hope is that everyone who attends our church will belong to a some type of small community where this happens. 

Small groups at Cedar Springs are very diverse in terms of demographic, location, primary emphasis, and how often they meet. Below are some of those places of possible connection with links that connect you to a particular ministry (middle school, high school, college, women’s, men’s), as well as one that offers a list of other adult small groups you might be able to connect with that meet in various times and places.  If you have further questions please contact Matt Avery (865-309-5127 / mattavery@cspc.net).  

Explore Small Groups:  Young Adults  ::  College Age  ::  Women