Summer ESL Camp

Summer ESL Camp 2017

Summer camp logo 2017 pngClick here to volunteer in the 2017 Summer ESL Camp.

Thank you for giving of your heart, skills, and time to help these kids adjust to their new lives, and hopefully find a life with Christ!

Volunteers are needed to staff the 2017 Summer ESL Camp, sponsored by Cedar Springs' Refugee Ministry. Camp is a fun-filled and educational time for up to 30 middle and high school age refugee children who are new to this country.

Location: Cansler YMCA, 616 Jessamine St., Knoxville TN 37917
Camp times: 1-4 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays June 20-July 27

Our Goals for the Students:

● To prepare them for the coming school year by giving them some English language skills.
● To provide orientation into our community and culture, offer them our friendship, and walk alongside of them as they continue to make huge adjustments.
● To build bridges to their families, offer them a holistic ministry, and share Christ's love with them.

We need:
● teachers and assistant teachers (curriculum is provided, and you don't have to be certified; if you can speak English, you can teach ESL)
● enrichment providers (that's what we call music, art, science, etc.)
● bus drivers and chaperones (GREAT opportunity for a couple!)
● recreation and crafts leaders
● snack providers
● peer mentors (middle and high school age students to come interact with the refugee kids during recreation time)
● (volunteer descriptions are listed in more detail below)

Please note: We sincerely appreciate any time commitment you can make to the camp, and we know it is difficult to commit to the entire camp time, but please remember that it is best for the campers if they can have some consistency. If possible, please sign up for several consecutive weeks, or the same time every week.  Also, Cedar Springs requires ANYONE working with minors to have a background check performed every 3 years. We will contact you with those forms.

*Answers to some frequently asked questions about Refugees and the Refugee Ministry

Questions? Contact Almaz (865-291-5282 or or Alison (865-291-5261 or


  • Teaching ESL to beginner (2 levels), intermediate, and advanced classes: Lead teachers and assistants are needed.
  • Teaching enrichment: Share your gift! Includes music, different types of arts, science experiments, social skills, health education and the like.
  • Bus driving and chaperoning: Drivers are needed for the CSPC bus (church approval and training required). Bus chaperones are necessary to maintain order on the bus, make sure the children safely get on the bus at pick-up, and that they are safely back in their homes at drop-off. (This is a WONDERFUL opportunity for a couple to volunteer together.)
  • Providing and serving refreshments: Snack time is important! This allows casual interaction while everyone enjoys a small snack such as fruits, veggies, snack cakes, chips, etc. and a juice drink.
  • Recreation leaders: Organize group recreation for the campers and the peer mentors each day from 3:15-4 pm. Cansler allows us to use their gym and a nice, grassy field is available. Swimming is allowed on Wednesdays.
  • Crafts leaders: Not all of the kids participate in the games and sports, so we like to offer crafts (such as bead jewelry, duct tape crafts, etc.) during the recreation time.
  • Peer mentors: Middle and high school age students are encouraged to build relationships with the campers by coming for snack time to hang out and then joining them for recreation and swimming.
  • Going on home visits: The home visits we make to enroll the children have proven to be one of the best ways to get to know the new families and build relationships with them. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in these visits, which will begin in May.
  • Other volunteer opportunities: One-on-one tutoring and mentoring; being a conversational English partner with a refugee student during and/or after camp; leading a Bible study during and after camp. Please call us for more information.