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Sunday School

Cedar Springs has Sunday School classes for adults at both hours - 9:00 and 10:45 a.m. The list below shows locations and the general make up of the classes. To read more about what they study, their teachers and contact persons, click on one of the links below.

9:00 a.m. Adult Sunday School Classes

10:45 a.m. Adult Sunday School Classes


Bridgebuilders :: B207, Couples, 40s - 50s
Community Class :: B203, Couples/singles, all ages
Cornerstone :: B226, Couples/singles, all ages
Homebuilders :: Parlor, Couples, 50s-60s
Live and Learn :: B214, Couples/singles, 40s-60s
New Creations :: B201,Couples/singles, 40s-80s
Next Class :: B210, All ages
Open Book :: East Wing Conf. Rm, Couples/singles, 40s-60s
Pursuit :: B224, Couples/singles, 20s-30s
Seekers :: B223, Couples/single, 50s to early 60s (anyone welcome)
The Conversation :: Watershed, College Age
Women's Study :: B209, Women, all ages
Middle School :: Watershed, 6th - 8th graders
High School :: Watershed, 9th - 12th graders


Covenant :: B237-239, Couples/singles, 50+ (any age welcome)
Doulos :: B226, Couples/singles/families, all ages, 5 - 105
Emmaus :: B203, Couples/singles, 50s-80s
International Class :: B207, Internationals
Journeys :: Parlor, Couples, 30s-40s w/ young children
New Members :: 10:45, B224 (as scheduled) call Betsy at 291-5268
Saints Alive :: B223, Couples/singles, 60+ (any age welcome)
Speak Out :: B201, Couples/singles, 65+