Sunday School Electives



NOTE: We will not be meeting this coming Sunday, July 1, but the class will resume on July 8. We will be reviewing Chapters 8-9 for that class. 


Some questions from this last week: 

  1. How have you experienced “friendship evangelism” hindering your sharing Christ with people?
  2. Think about “enemies” in your life (annoying, offensive, etc.), can you see yourself loving them enough to share the gospel with them from the heart? Pray for God to give you love for your enemies and to help you see your own sin in a way that helps you identify with them! 
  3. How is God speaking to you through the quotes below? What really stands out to you in particular?
  4. How can you look back and see yourself being discipled prior to your own conversion?
  5. How does focusing on discipleship versus conversion help us in our evangelism? 


“When we begin with grace but “perfect ourselves” with law, we become angry, judgmental, critical, and just not nice people. Angry, judgmental and critical people don’t make good evangelists. We cannot share something that we have long since forgotten. What you and I need most is the same thing our unbelieving friends need: we need grace, repentance, and faith…we need the gospel!”


“I can read Scripture in such a way that I am affirmed in my beliefs and actions, or I can read it the way it is intended to be read – as a challenge to entrust myself more to our Lord and his grace. When I read Scripture this way I am no longer telling other people what they need to do, but instead I invite them to join me in asking for grace, repentance and faith because we both – believers and nonbelievers – need the gospel.”



Links to buy the book used for this study are below. A link to download the first two chapters is below.

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John S. Leonard's book Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day is a great gift to me.

It is the single most helpful and formative book I have read on sharing both my faith in the good news of Jesus and my life with the people God puts in my path.

Like many Christians, I have spent a lot of time making sharing my faith all about me: swinging back and forth between long seasons of not sharing my faith in conversation at all out of a fear of what people will think and short stints of sharing my faith in awkward, unnatural ways out of a sense of guilt for going so long without sharing!

God has used Leonard's book to call me to a place where sharing my faith is not so much about me, but all about the work of the Holy Spirit: winsome, dignifying, authentic to how God made me, rooted in grace, fueled by a love for God and the other person, Spirit-led, and Spirit-powered.

Since reading Leonard's book, I am now much more able to both recognize and seize countless opportunities to share my faith with others that I would have otherwise completely missed (or blown!).

My prayer is that through studying this book together, God would give us a deeper desire to be used by God to bring the good news of Jesus to the people in our everyday lives...and that he would fulfill that desire in allowing us to reap a great harvest of gospel fruit! 

This study will help you learn to recognize and seize the countless opportunities to authentically bring the good news of Jesus to the people in our everyday lives.

-Matt Avery