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Advent Devotional 2023

As He waited for the perfect timing to enact His salvation plan, God did not remain silent nor far off from His people. He provided prophets and priests and kings to speak to and for the people and provided the sacrifices and the Tabernacle as reminders of His love and mercy. Not only that, He also showed up. From time to time, he appeared to His people. The theological term for this is “theophanies.” It was God coming near and taking on a form to interact with His people. Although there is some minor disagreement, these are often considered appearances of Jesus before He came in flesh. For this Advent, those are the passages we will be looking at together. The places where God came near to His people as a reminder that He comes near to us even still.

May God reveal Himself through His Word, His Creation, and His people during this Advent Season!

The devotional book is an online flipbook and a downloadable and printable pdf. Please use it how it works best for you.

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Andrew Keasling, December 4, 2023

Abba Father, thank you that in the same way you walked with Adam in the garden that you long to walk with us today. Help us to see you as the loving friend that you are and to spend time listening to you as you see us, instruct us, and provide us purpose in you today. Guide us as we seek to walk with you today and every day. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.