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225th Anniversary Celebration Week

October 24, 2021

Start: 8:15 am

During this long, rich history, there have been wonderful celebrations as well as incredibly trying times. But there is a thread that’s persisted throughout: The faithfulness of our God. Of course, a lot has changed in 225 years.

  • Our members used to travel to church on foot or horse and buggy; now our parking lot is filled with cars.
  • We used to read scripture by gas lantern and candles; now we have electricity.
  • We used to sit on fallen tree-stumps gathered in a circle; now we sit on cushioned pews.

But one thing has never changed: The faithfulness of our God. The events of the last year may have felt uncharted but God’s been faithful to us through all kinds of uncertainty.

  • He was faithful to us as our buildings were closed because of smallpox, Spanish Flu, and COVID.
  • He was faithful to us as the wars of the last two centuries raged then waned.
  • And he’s been faithful as our members have persevered through every kind of personal adversity you could ever imagine.

This rich history of our church tells us that:

  1. Our congregation has lived through difficult times.
  2. God has always been faithful to us.

And this gives us confidence as we look ahead. What he’s done, he’ll continue to do! It’s our turn to be part of this story. As we move into this new season, we’ll see his faithfulness continue. And we’ll see his mission continue too. In fact, we get to be a part of it.

Join us in 2021 as we consider the past and look forward to the future, as we celebrate 225 years of God’s faithfulness and as we move forward with His mission. Schedule of Events

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