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20:25:30 Mission Conference

February 25, 2024

Start: 8:15 am

Jesus said that through Him we could have life and have it abundantly, and isn’t that the desire of every human being? Everyone longs for that, but too often, we look for it in all the wrong places. As Christians, we have been given the key to unlocking a rich and full life – a life that can only be found in relationship with Jesus. Jesus calls us to bear witness to Him, so that others may find life through Him. Thankfully, this is not only the task of individual Christians but Christians in community… and that community is the Church. The Church is one of the primary mechanisms that God uses to reach people throughout the world with the good news of the gospel. Therefore, when God commands us to make disciples of all nations, He is calling upon the Church to act. 

The goal of mission, therefore, is to help form churches in as many places as we possibly can, because the Church is God’s method of reaching the nations. For this reason, the mission ministry at Cedar Springs is becoming laser-focused on sponsoring the formation and strengthening of as many churches as we can. To this end, we are launching a new initiative called 20:25:30.

We want to help establish:
20 church planting hubs in strategic cities,
with each of these hubs planting, on average, 25 new churches,
by the year 2030.

This year’s conference is Sunday, February 25 – Sunday, March 3.

Please visit us in the Reception Hall on Sunday mornings, February 11 and 18, to sign up to host conference guests for a meal.

Missionfest tickets will be on sale in the Reception Hall on Sunday mornings February 18 and 25.

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