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Masks Encouraged

August 22, 2021

Start: 8:00 am

Message from the COVID-19 Reopen Task Force, which we’ve renamed the Stay Open Task Force. That’s our goal – to love our neighbors and to stay open!!!

In Knox County, COVID cases continue to rise while vaccination rates have plateaued. As the situation evolves, we’re doing our best to make wise decisions.

  • Starting August 22, 2021 we are requiring all our staff and volunteers in Kid’s Ministry to wear masks. Since our kids can’t be vaccinated, we want to do all that we can to protect them.
  • Also, in our services we are moving from “Mask Optional” to “Mask Encouraged.” To be clear, we’re not requiring anyone to wear a mask. Everyone’s welcome! But if you’re willing and able, we’d encourage you to wear a mask.
  • Obviously, if you are feeling ill, please stay home and watch the livestream.

We all know how difficult it’s been to navigate the complexities of Covid. And whatever we suggest now, some will appreciate it while others will be disappointed. Regardless of where you stand, we hope you know we don’t take these decisions lightly. A wide variety of opinions and perspectives have been considered each step of the way. And we have prayed and prayed and prayed. As we continue to monitor the situation, as we have for the past 18 months, pray with us and for us.

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