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Summer Study: Men & Women

June 15, 2022

Start: 10:00 am


Can you believe that summer is just around the corner? Alongside warm weather, abundant ice cream, and evenings spent by the pool, summer often brings a welcome change in pace– a break from school, a pause in many commitments and routines, and a chance to walk a little slower. As lifegiving as all of that is, I have found that summer can also be a time of great spiritual dryness. As our routines fall away, sometimes our connection to God does too. It can be harder to be committed to regular time in the word without the accountability of community. Somehow MORE discretionary time oftentimes equals LESS time with the Lord. It can be easy to emerge from summer feeling spiritually empty.

WHAT IF that wasn’t the case for you THIS summer? What if this summer was a season of growth in our relationships with the Lord? What if rather than a time of little accountability and community, it was a time to gather with men and women of all ages and stages to go deeper? This is our hope for our Men’s and Women’s Summer Study this summer!

This year we are excited to invite you to join us as we dive deeply into the book of Jonah. A book that turns out to be less about a great fish– and more about a great God. A great God who runs after those prone to run away from Him.

WOMEN: The Women’s study will meet on Wednesdays beginning on June 15 and running through July 20. We will have a morning option from 10-11:30 and an evening option from 6-7:30. Childcare will be provided for both gatherings. 

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MEN: The men’s study will meet on Thursday mornings from 7-8am beginning June 16, and registration is unnecessary.

Both studies will meet in a large group format for worship and teaching, followed by a time of small group discussion.

We will conclude the summer with our men and women’s studies coming together for a night of worship and praise on July 20 to wrap up the book and celebrate what God has done in us over the summer.

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