Tuesday Tacos and Tickets

July 12, 2022

Start: 10:00 am

End: 1:00 pm

Location: The Fellowship Hall - Family Life Center

Join us for food (Taco Bar), fellowship and fun as we provide a valuable task for Knox Area Rescue Ministries. Did you know that all profits from KARM Thrift Stores – 100 % – go directly to fund KARM? In order to price textile donations made to the stores, KARM volunteers and staff spend hours separating rolls of textile tickets to tag the items before making them available for purchase in their stores. We will partner with them, by tearing the tickets apart and making them ready for pricing. This simple task will free up hundreds of productive hours that KARM processors would have spent tearing tags themselves. And, every ticket represents a need being met, a relationship being built, and a restoration taking place, all in one simple act.

Contact Info

Kathy Smith