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Executive Pastor

Andrew Keasling

Andrew has always called Knoxville home having lived here from birth through graduating from UT. Cedar Springs has also had a major impact on Andrew throughout his life, from being the church he attended when he became a Christian to where he met his wife to where he discovered his ministry gifts to where he truly felt called to full-time ministry. After 16 amazing years of ministry and growth away, Andrew and the family felt lead to return home. Andrew is married to MJ (who literally grew up at Cedar Springs) after being her high school sweetheart (yep, there’s a story there). Andrew is honored to be known in most circles as MJ’s husband or Zachary and Bryson’s dad and he loves getting to spend time with this awesome crew. When Andrew isn’t with his family, he loves Chick-fil-a, cheese dip, cheesy church signs, and the Chicago Cubs (and clearly the letter “C”). He also loves sweet tea, reading mystery novels, good movies (and most bad ones as well), 80s music, the Office, bow ties, long walks on the beach and referring to himself in the 3rd person.