Walking in to a new church can be scary.

When you come to Cedar Springs, we want you to be comfortable and know you’re coming into a place that is for you. On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about what you can expect when you come to Cedar Springs.

The Bible is still relevant today.

We’re going to talk about real things.

Our world is complicated. The issues we face today are confusing and constantly changing. In our church, you can be honest about your questions and struggles. There’s no need to pretend here. Together, we’ll look at God’s Word and help you see how it applies to your life today.

Kids to seniors | single or married

No matter your age or stage, there’s a place for you with us.

Regardless of your age, religious beliefs, political leanings, economic bracket, ethnicity, marital status, how you like to dress, or your music preferences, we desire to be a place where you can process and grow in your thoughts about God, your relationships, and the role he has for you in this world.

It’s okay to laugh!

We take Jesus seriously, but not ourselves.

When you trust God with your life, it frees you to enjoy the ride. Life is a gift, and we want to make the most of it. We think you’ll find yourself smiling as we worship, learn, and meet with God together.

Campus Map

Wondering where to go?

Nothing is worse than showing up to a new place and not knowing where to park or go into the building. We’ve put together a detailed campus map so you know exactly where to park, drop your kids off, and enter the building.

You will notice we have construction going on. Please excuse our mess as we prepare for what God is doing at Cedar Springs!

Have questions before you get here?

Come This Sunday

Take a breath, reset, and actually enjoy being in church

Connect With A Community

No matter your age or stage, there's a place for you with us

Make A Difference

Enjoy being part of something bigger than yourself