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June 2, 2024


Scripture: Genesis 1:1-31

Pastoral Prayer:

Father we begin praising and adoring you for who you are. You are strong and powerful. You are the Supreme Creator of the Universe and yet you also deeply love and care for us. You make and sustain us and have sent your Son to save us. We are so very thankful for all you are and have done.

Hear our prayers of adoration and thanksgiving to you.

We lift to you our missions partners Josh and Jenny Manley with the RAK Evangelical Church in the UAE. Pray for protection over Josh and strength and peace as he faithfully preaches the Gospel in the northern Emirates area. Pray for he and his church as they continue to plant churches in other parts of the Middle East and especially to reach the 10 million people in their region in which over 60% are Muslim. Let the Gospel go forth in power in all of the UAE and the rest of the continent.

Hear our prayers for Josh and Jenny Manley.

We lift to you also our church body here at Cedar Springs:

  • We pray for James. Encourage his heart as he takes time to rest and pray fir fully healing for his back. Thank you for giving us the gift of such a faithful pastor who loves you and points us to you.
  • We pray for Family VBS this week. We pray for the families who come to hear and understand the love of God for us all. We pray also for those who will come as invited guests that they will experience you.
  • We thank you for the Capital Campaign and for the buildings you have allowed us to build. We pray for the workers who are on our campus and we pray that you will use these buildings both now and when they open as beacons for your kingdom to come here to Knoxville.
  • We pray for those who have come this morning carrying heavy burdens. Those experiencing the loss of a relationship or job or loved one or dream. Meet them where they are this morning. Be the God of peace and comfort that their hearts need.
  • Pray for those who are experiencing the pain of loss this morning:
    • Nikki Dickson on the passing of her mother, Edna Cate
    • Mary-Margaret Moore and Tim and Hannah Johnson in the passing of her Mary-Margaret’s husband and Hannah’s dad Mike Moore
    • Give the peace from knowing this isn’t the end of the story
  • We pray for Deacon Hubbard, Wanda Mooney, Brenda Prince, Russell Devore
  • Be the great physician and give them your peace and presence
  • We also rejoice with Luke and Morgan Camp in the birth of their son James. Let there never be a day where he doesn’t know you as Lord and Savior.

Hear our prayers for those in need and our other morning prayers.

We thank you that you remember us and we know confidently that you hear us and answer us for your Glory’s sake because we remember who you are and what you have done for your people.  We lift these requests in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who taught us to pray saying…

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