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Flying Solo (Divorce)

Moms Group

If you are a woman who is navigating through life on a difficult journey you have never imagined you would find yourself – and you feel you are alone, this group is for you.
Flying Solo offers a safe place for women experiencing similar life events such as separation, divorce, marriage stagnancy, marriage to a non-believer, etc.
Through a focused study with a facilitator (topics vary), our members build connection, share experiences, gain tools to build resilience and gain an understanding that God desires to be with us through our pain.
This group allows for an opportunity to discover the presence of God’s Spirit in the middle of whatever journey you are on – and to help you know you are most definitely not “Flying Solo”; God very much is the Captain.
Nursery (birth – age 5) is available with registration.
Fall start date is September 6.

Contact Info

Nikki Dickson