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Counseling Ministy

We seek to provide a culture of care.

At Cedar Springs, we want to come alongside our people to help them live deeply. We know that all people have been made in the image of God, but all have experienced deep brokenness as a result of living in a world fractured by sin. We seek to provide a culture of care and support by providing gospel-centered, clinically-informed counseling that addresses issues of suffering while also exploring the complex and largely hidden desires of the soul. 

Don’t suffer in silence.

All of us have seasons in our lives when we are in need of help and support. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, relational problems, or just generally feeling stressed or on edge, you are not alone. We live in a culture where often mental health issues are not openly and honestly discussed. And sadly, it’s often no different in the church. As believers, we often suffer in silence; but it doesn’t need to be this way.  

The Gospel of Christ declares that we are a community of broken people, all of whom need grace. God’s word tells us that it is through our brokenness that we can find true strength, as we depend less on ourselves and more upon our kind and powerful God. We want to be a place where we can speak up about our struggles and reach out and receive the support we need. God blesses us with the church, which can be the community we need during difficult seasons in our lives. 

You can find care and support.

We want to help guide you and connect you with help and support, whether it’s through counseling or pastoral care within the church, connecting you to a caregiver in Stephen’s Ministry, or referring you to a professional counselor in our community. 

 In our church, many people have spoken up and reached out, have already found support, and have been connected to people who walk alongside them in their struggles. Let us help you join our group of folks who have found care and support. 

Marriage Ministry

Our vision within Marriage Ministry here at Cedar Springs is to come alongside our married couples to help you love each other well as you are loving God and serving the world together.

We wish to equip husbands and wives emotionally, relationally, mentally, and spiritually – all the while making each married partner feel seen, known, and loved deeply. Ultimately pointing you both to Jesus.

We desire to proactively strengthen marriages and families, by empowering, equipping, supporting, and resourcing. The hopeful outcome is the multiplication of healthy marriages and families within our church body and wider community.

We are not afraid to talk about the hard things in life.

We are a church searching for biblical truth. We are also a church not afraid to talk about hard topics. In fact, we believe the church is the best place to have these difficult discussions. 

The truth is that many mental health issues like anxiety, OCD, addiction, and depression impact people around us. 1 in 5 adults live with a mental illness, 1 in 25 adults live with a serious mental illness, 50% of chronic mental illnesses start before 14 years of age, 75% of chronic mental illnesses start by age 24. The numbers don’t look much different for the church. If you are not impacted, chances are someone you love is.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about our Counseling Ministry, please reach out to our Counseling Ministry staff.

Summers McMurray, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of counseling experience. She received her Doctorate in Psychology and Masters in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and worked for 9 years in private practice before transitioning to a full-time role at Cedar Springs in 2015.

Stewart Scott is currently a pre-licensed professional counselor. He also has prior military and pastoral experience. He received his Masters in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Orlando Florida. Stewart served in private practice before joining the Cedar Springs staff in 2024.

Disclaimer Statement
Our counseling ministry is not staffed to serve as a crisis center. After-hour help and emergencies should be directed to 911, Crisis Stabilization Unit (865-539-2409), or a local hospital emergency room.  


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