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Pray Deeply


I’m Channing Lewis, an incoming CSPC member and administrative coordinator for Joni & Friends Knoxville, a CSPC mission partner. Will you join me in prayer for an exciting mission trip that starts tomorrow? Joni and Friends has an outreach called Wheels for the World. We go to different cities and countries to bring mobility to people with physical challenges, and to share the hope and love of Jesus.  The Knoxville office has been going to Guatemala for several years now, multiple trips a year. A team of 12 of us is leaving tomorrow. We’ll be distributing 200 wheelchairs- 160 will go to adults, 40 to children. Our team has a mechanic and an occupational therapist to personally fit each adult or child to his or her chair. Some already have chairs but have outgrown them, while some children have never had one. We collected these donated chairs, by the way, throughout the year and stored them at a huge warehouse. From there, the next stop was the Clinton, TN prison, where prisoners refurbished all these wheelchairs and made them ready to use. So it’s a full circle process- through the whole cycle, a lot of lives are touched. I’ve never been on this trip before. I just started working for Joni and Friends in June, so I’m excited. My job is partly to be support for the people doing the mechanical work, but I’m mainly going as a photojournalist and storyteller. I’ll be getting each family’s story of how they got to where they are- each story of hopefully lives changed through accepting Jesus- and capturing those in photos, too, to bring back and share with all the people who’ve prayed for and supported us. 

Please pray that people would see the glory of God through this trip and, with this gift of mobility, get a small glimpse of the pure joy that will come from Heaven. Pray, too, for it to keep changing lives. It’s easy to go on a mission trip -fix, deliver, provide whatever needs to be provided, and leave. But with this mission, we’re hopefully providing more chances for people to go to church, see family, and have their lives completely changed. So pray that it would be a chain effect of good news, glory, and hope.

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