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Pray Deeply


I’m CSPC missions partner Leilani Humble. My husband Kevin and I have been working to bring the Gospel to unengaged people groups for the past three decades. We’re currently doing that in Southwest Sulawesi, Indonesia. I want to give you a window into the struggles that can happen for ministering families overseas. Our middle son Vince was an honors student, but in December 2011 we got a text from his older brother saying, ‘Things are not going well with Vince.’ That was the beginning of nine years of tears. Vince was in college in the U.S. and had gotten into drugs. So he got kicked out of the honors program, then kicked out of college altogether. Kevin and I began crying out to the Lord for our son, and we engaged CSPC in this prayer effort. We were comforted by others parents of prodigals. Finally, in March 2020, Kevin and I were back in the U.S. and just about to head back to Indonesia. But Kevin fell ill and, with the COVID pandemic just emerging, a physician friend of ours advised us to stay in the U.S. a little longer. So we ended up staying for a couple months, and it was during this time that our prodigal son came back to the Lord. This was the moment we’d been waiting for! Vince never totally lost his faith –he remained a believer- but he had been walking off on his own. Not anymore. Vince got clean, and he’s now two years sober. Just after one year of his sobriety, God brought a wonderful Christian woman into his life, and they just got married! We are so grateful and just thank the Lord. All those years of waiting, we kept asking the Lord, ‘Should we go back?’ We were willing to let go of the ministry -willing to do anything- and kept asking year after year. He always said, ‘Keep serving.’ A verse I hung on to during this time was ‘The Lord never sleeps and He never slumbers.’ So when I was in Indonesia and my kids were in different time zones, I could just know, ‘Lord, you’ve got them.’ 


Please join us in praying for all the recent marriages of our three kids- that they would be Christ-centered. And pray for Kevin and me as we live further from our children than most any parent would ideally like; that our trust in the Lord would remain strong. 

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