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Pray Deeply

David Beltran

“I’m CSPC missions partner David Beltran. My wife Samantha and I serve with Young Life in Madrid, Spain. We’re building relationships with teenagers, ultimately with the aim of sharing the Gospel. I don’t think I would be where I am today in Christian maturity –and I still have a long way to go!- if it wasn’t for how God has used this ministry first in me. One way He’s done that is through the process of having to raise support. I had many others jobs before and always had a salary. So I went from knowing what I was going to make at the end of the month based on my work… to ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen and if people will believe in what I’m trying to do.’ I don’t depend on myself anymore; I depend on God’s provision through other people who have to get the vision of what I’m trying to do. That’s taken my relationship with my Father to another level. I’m blessed by churches like CSPC, who years ago had just met me and didn’t really know me, but were willing to give money because they believed in what God wanted to do through me in Spain. The money just arrives every month, sometimes from people I’ve never met before. It’s incredible. The other thing God’s done is put me on the front lines of seeing how kids in Spain come to know Him. I see firsthand with my own eyes kids who didn’t have Jesus at all in their lives, and now He’s the center of their lives. That shows God is still alive, still in control, and still in the business of saving people- even through me!

One way you can pray for me this year is to ask God to send more workers to the field, because we are few. In Spain, less than one percent of the population is evangelical Christian. There are so, so many teenagers in Madrid, and right now we are not a big enough group to reach them all. Also pray that new doors would be opened for us to share the Gospel. We are dealing with increasing secularism and opposition. Very few people in Spain, a nominally Catholic nation, have a true saving relationship with Jesus.”

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